Meet The Cousins

Aaron Browne (On Left) has been involved in the craft beer world since 2002. After years of visiting craft breweries and learning about the brewing process, he decided it was time to test his knowledge brewing his own beer. Back in 2014 he started formulating his own recipes and by 2015 he won multiple competitions for his "Oak Aged Stout" and his "When in Doubt Imperial Stout".

Chris Dorn (On Right) has enjoyed beer for almost 2 decades. His love for beer and appreciation for his cousins brewing skills has enticed him to join with Aaron and open Cousins Revolution Ale Works. Chris works on the building and marketing aspects of the brewery as well as an occasional taste test here and there.

Here at Cousins Ale Works our idea of brewing is to stay true to the base malt flavors and let them stand out first. We then create a great unique flavor profile with added malts or additional ingredients creating an explosion of flavors.

It's time for a beer revolution. The way Cousins Revolution brews it's beer is to push the boundaries of how each style is supposed to taste and how it's represented. Our goal is to make each beer stand out from the local breweries in the area. Our pledge is to give our customers the best tasting beer possible.

We use a variety of local hops to in order to brew you the freshest, tastiest beer around.

We are a local Dutchess County brewery. We decided to stay close to where we grew up because of the boom of local breweries and appreciation for delicious beer. We try to use as many resources as possible in our area to help support local businesses. We are working with local restaurants and brewpubs to get our beer on tap so you can enjoy our brews. We hope to pour you a beer at our brewery located in Wappingers Falls, NY.