Food Menu by Chef Stef

Food Menu by Chef Stef

Note **Chef Stef & Cousins Ale Works are separate businesses. Please order and pay for food with Chef Stef. **


Warm Buttered King Pretzel


served with Cousins brown ale cheddar sauce & spicy mustard

Warm Tortilla Chips (GF)


served with salsa & Cousins brown ale cheddar sauce

Steak Fries (GF) (V)


*cheddar sauce & bacon $6
*Danish bleu & bacon $6
*chili cheese $8

Chicken & Vegetable Potstickers (5)


soy & sesame

Fried Corey's Pickles(G) [(V) -no sauce]


basket of battered local kosher garlic dill pickle slices with sriracha ranch
Corey's Pickles is a local distributor of non-GMO products in Montgomery, NY.

Enchilada Dip & Chips(GF)


crock of warm cheesy salsa dip with lettuce & Big Guy marinated hot peppersBig Guy Hot Sauces, Beacon, NY, uses home grown peppers
* add chicken $7
* add taco beef $7

Potato Pierogies (6)


Caramelized onions, chopped bacon & sour cream

Personal Pizza

Toppings +$1: Pepperoni, Ham, Bacon, Onions, Hot Peppers

*Margherita - $8
*Buffalo Chicken Bleu - $9
*BBQ Pulled PorkCheddar - $10
*Chili, Cheddar & Peppers - $10

Chicken Wings (12) or Breaded Chicken Strips (8)


buffalo, bbq, sweet chili, honey mustard, coconut curry or special dry rub, with Ranch or Bleu


*Garlic & Lemon Pepper Parm -Wing Wars East People's Choice Winner & Overall Second Place*Smoked Bacon Buffalo -Wing Wars West Best Buffalo Wing Winner


All sandwiches come with choice of chips & sales or small greens salad. Substitute small Caesar salad +$1



on toasted white, wheat, rye or rustic bread

Grilled Cheese


american, swiss, cheddar or provolone on white, wheat or rye
* add tomato +$1
* add bacon or ham +$2

Ham Panini


melted swiss &honey mustard on rustic bread

Triple Decker Club


choose turkey, ham, chicken breast or hamburger, with lettuce, tomato, bacon, mayo & toast

Open-Face Turkey Melt


bacon, tomato, melted cheddar & Russian on top of one piece of rustic toast

Italian Combo Panini


ham, cured meats, melted provolone, Big Guy hot peppers & basil pesto on ciabatta bread

Chicken Parmesan Panini


breaded chicken cutlet, marinara & fresh mozzarella on rustic bread

Cuban Panini


ham, pulled pork, Corey's half sour pickle, spicy mustard &meltedswiss on rustic bread

Mozzarella-Stuffed Meatball Sliders (3)



Chicken Strips, Hot Dog or Kids Burger(4 oz.)with Steak Fries


Burgers & Buns

All served with coleslaw &Corey's half sour pickle. Add steak fries, greens salad or Caesar +$1Add sauté onions, hot peppers or cheese for +$1 each. Add baconfor+$2. Gluten-Free Roll +$2Cheeses: American, Cheddar, Swiss, Danish Bleu, Mozzarella, ProvoloneNote: burgers all cooked above 145º to eliminate the possibility of foodborne illness

Classic Burger


8 oz. burger with lettuce & tomato on a toasted Kaiser roll

Revolutionary Burger


classic burger with cheddar, Smoking Musket BBQ Sauce & Big Guy hot peppers

Feelin' Bleu Bacon Burger


classic burger with bacon, buffalo onions & melted Danish bleu cheese

Grilled Chicken Sandwich


lettuce & tomato on a toasted Kaiser roll with side of mayo

California Chicken Sandwich


bacon, swiss & side of guacamole

BBQ Pulled PorkSandwich


topped with coleslaw and our Smoking Muscat BBQ Sauce

Black Bean Burger


on toasted ciabatta with greens, tomato & guacamole


Greens Salad GF)] (V) -with certain dressings]

$5 | *add Grilled chicken +$4 | *add Shrimp +$5

Organic spring mix, cucumbers, tomatoes & carrots
Dressings: Italian, Balsamic, Ranch, Bleu cheese, Russian, Oil & Vinegar

Caesar Salad

$6 | *add Grilled chicken +$4 | *add Shrimp +$5

Romaine, garlic croutons & shaved parmesan

Caprese Salad


fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil pesto, balsamic & greens

Soup & Chili Crocks

Today's Soup


served with rustic toast

French Onion Soup


bread crouton & melted gruyere cheese

Beef & Bean Chili (GF)


melted cheddar, sour cream & chopped onion

Vegetable & Bean Chili (GF) (V)


melted cheddar, sour cream & chopped onion

Other Fare

Tacos - Mix or Match!!!

*two tacos $6 | *three tacos $9

Choose: beef, chicken, pork carnitas, shrimp
Served with salsa, guacamole, sour cream & cabbage slaw


*cheese $7 | *taco beef $8 | *shredded chicken $8 | *bbq pulled pork $9 | *Shrimp $10

Served with salsa, guacamole & sour cream

Baked Mac n Cheese


cavatappi & cheddar béchamel
* add bacon +$1
* add bbq pork +$4

Penne ala Vodka


* add grilled chicken +$4
* add shrimp +$5
* add chicken parm +$6

Chicken Pot Pie


mixed vegetables, thyme cream & baked pastry